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Squid Recipe 60

My Stuffed and Grilled Squid Recipe

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  Squid or Calamari is a very sophisticated meal to prepare and needs the exact heat and time to achieve tender perfection and anything in between will result to a mess and unlikely texture of the meat. I have tasted few recipes of Calamari like the Adobong Pusit or Calamari cooked in soy sauce and also Squid rings and the best...

buko pandan 44

How to Make Buko Pandan

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Buko Pandan is a dessert made from Coconut (Buko in Tagalog) and Gelatin that has an aroma of Pandan leaves or Screwpine and this is one of the most popular dessert from Philippines that looks like Buko Salad or Fruit Salad because of the color and cream used on these desserts. Green colored gelatin is mostly used together with a young...

pinoy-bangus-recipe 65

Easy Rellenong Bangus Recipe

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Rellenong Bangus (Stuffed Milkfish) is a popular fish recipe from the Philippines, the dish is a result of a sophisticated preparation and delicate hand work because unlike other stuffed recipes the vessel used is the Milkfish which has a thinner skin compared to other dish like stuffed chicken or stuffed squid. There has been many varieties of cooking or preparing for...

canon rebel t3i 78

My Canon Rebel T3i DSLR Camera

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If you are asking me what is my favorite camera, I would say my Canon Rebel T3i because it is my first ever DSLR Camera and it is the best camera I can get on my budget. It is popular by the name Rebel T3i and also as 600D, this post is not about a detailed technical specification and review of...

Atsara or Pickled Papaya 44

My Homemade Atsara or Pickled Papaya Recipe

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Atsara (Atchara) is the Tagalog name of Pickled Papaya and it is a popular food preserves in some part of Philippines especially at Pampanga. It has a very distinct taste of sweet and sour with a hint of mint and it is made of shredded Green Papaya with some spices which brings out its distinct taste of a pickle preserve...

Halo Gadget Bag 44

Halo Bag, My Favorite Gadget Back Bag

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Every photographer needs a strong and solid bag, every geek needs a bag that has a lot of safety room for his every gadget and every one looks for a really durable bag that will be his partner in every trek and journey for a long time and I am thankful I found mine. My Halo Gadget Back Bag is not...

Okoy Recipe 55

The Okoy Papaya Version Recipe

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Ukoy or Okoy is a popular native Pinoy dish that is usually made from small shrimps and it is the Philippine’s version of Shrimp Fritter. It is usually served as an appetizer but more popular as an afternoon snack time meal and it is best tasting when a spicy vinegar dip is around. Green Papaya, Bean Sprouts, Sweet Potato and...

naruto action figures 68

Naruto Action Figures, The Team Taka Set.

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This is another set of macro shots from my Naruto Action  Figure Collections and this is the Team Taka Set. If you have seen my other Naruto Action Figures Set you will remember that I used my Sony CyberShot Digital Camera and my homemade lighting setup to be able to take good macro shots of the figures and as an...